Two Week Intensive Tweeting #TWIT


Over the next two weeks I have set myself the challenge to tweet in as many different ways and on a variety of topics to get a real sense of the medium.  I want to find out how people build online presence, reputation and followings. I will engage directly with others on the topic, as well as send out to non-specific groups.

This follows an experiment with @thesiswhisperer and @rellypops where we did a Twitter Performance #table to introduce academics to Twitter.


While the idea wasn’t completely successful it gave us something to work with, which we will now take into a workshop format. But Twitter has many dimensions, and some can only be found by exploring it from the inside.

This also leads into another course I am designing: Social Media and Creative Enterprise:, where we combine the two streams of contemporary innovation [social media and enterprise].


2 responses to “Two Week Intensive Tweeting #TWIT

  1. Q
    Designing a Course about what it means to be a global practitioner in media and communication. What Do you think is crucial?

    DIY ethos

    Can you explain what it means to have A DIY ethos in this situation?

    Dear Marius
    I have looked at your blog, and I find the focus on large mainstream media entities such as the BBC interesting. I wonder whether you have thought of examining the subversive and grassroots side of being a global practitioner in media and communication? Julian Assange being the first example that jumps to mind.

    Why do I think it is crucial to have a DIY ethos? Well you say it so much better than I when you talk about the student being a co creator.

    Isn’t co-DYIing your own learning journey far more inspiring? In the words of E Lupton, DIY is everywhere today, as people make things themselves to customize goods to suit their exact needs and interests and to feel less dependent on the corporations that manufacture most of what we consume (including education I say). There is a true pleasure in developing an idea and making it real to share with others as we move into an era when individual human voices are standing out as being remarkable amongst bland collective drone.

    The University can play the part of supporting students develop techniques to do this in a nurturing and safe learning environment.


    Designers Dont Read Austin Howe
    DIY: Ellen Lupton

    • Thanks Veronica
      I think the sort of resourcefulness that is part of the DIY movement is very much at the heart of the co-creator idea – well noted. Agree that this is often best bought out in situations which are in some way difficult, like the Wikileaks case. We ran one comm design project option recently around child sex slavery. I thought a handful might pick it up. In fact 1/2 the class opted to do it, and came up with some interesting responses. However I think its success was partly due to it being optional.
      I also like working in the hybrid space where this type of attitude mixes in with the corporation [eg social media and public broadcasters].
      Thanks for the info and ideas… helps to clarify

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